In this issue:

  • Accreditation update
  • DC Research and SMART objectives
  • news from ACE
  • update from Culture 24
  • MDN sub-committee update

Accreditation update

We’re live now on Grantium and have received the first returns through from museums in England.

The Accreditation team has worked up a process flow, which should help with navigation through the different assessment stages and an example of the format for Assessor queries going forward (see example for the Georgian Theatre Royal). It’s an auto generated step for applicants but we will send Advisers a copy of the pdf offline. Please don’t share this, it’s just an example we’ve generated from a live assessment in Grantium to demonstrate what we mean.

We have also worked up our two versions of the assessor workbook (for standard and nationally styled museums). We may update and refine as we get into the flow of assessing against the 2018 Standard but these are our working copies to date.

DC Research update and SMART objectives

DC Research are meeting with committee leads and Isabel Churcher for a workshop to agree SMART objectives within the MD evaluation framework on 1 September 2019, ACE Birmingham Offices 11am-3:30pm

News from ACE

Arts Council England’s second consultation on the draft strategy 2020-30 is currently open from 1 July until 23 September 2019. For more information and consultation event dates click here.

updates from teams in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Sector Support news – Culture24

Culture24 is trialling a new model of museum Lates with the Emerge Festival in London in September, and is repeating Museums at Night from 31 October-2 November.

Once the two festivals have taken place, we’ll be carrying out a review process and would like to invite MD representatives to ca round table discussion in London in early November.

The meeting will focus on what Culture24 has learned from Emerge and talk about the future of museum Lates programming, how best Culture24 can carry out our Arts Council SSO goals around supporting a Culture of Lates – and what the future might be for Museums at Night.

Please use this Doodle poll to provide your availability

MDN sub-committee updates

The long-range training impact evaluation survey that has been developed by the training & evaluation sub-committee. This form measures individual training impact and the training group will now work towards developing a collaborative organisational impact tool. The questions in green are standardised optional questions. Individual regions can add anything they wish to measure too.

The idea is to issue this form to all training delegates 12 months after they have completed their initial training. It only goes out to delegates who have:

  1. Have given permission to be evaluated long-term
  2. Have scored the question: have you had gained new or improved skills as a result of the training? a ‘3’ or above in the post-event evaluation survey.